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Killer Flea Products and their effects

Do Flea Products/Drops Kill Fleas or Your Pets??

Killer Flea Products

Whenever you place that convenient single drop on the back of your cat or dog's neck, you are risking your wonderful companion's life. Did you know that you have just compromised your pet's nervous and immune systems? These drops are absorbed into the blood stream within ten minutes. Next, they easily cross the blood-brain barrier soon after. So the innocent pet is now under attack of a serious neurotoxin that has just been applied.

I have watched cats and dogs both go into hours and hours of seizures-sometimes seizures that cannot be stopped, even with aggressive treatment. Some animals simply seizure to death; some enter a state of paralysis. As a matter of fact, canine hydrotherapists will tell you that one of the primary causes of paralysis is use of flea pesticides.

Owners also don't realize that the toxicity of these products is compounded every time they use it.

Short term effects of these chemicals can be lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, seizures or coma.

Long term effects can be lethargy, shortened life span, seizures, or chronic itching. Many dogs that itch frequently are trying to detox all of the chemicals that they have ingested or worn.

The other unfortunate result of year after year of using these topical pesticides is the production of super-fleas! In other words, because owners use the same chemicals month after month, the insects have mutated to be resistant to these disgusting products. So many owners complain that Frontline, Advantage, Biospot don't even work any more-and they are right. The big pharmaceutical companies' answer to this developing dilemma is to increase and add to the toxicity of these already horrendous products! Hence the mega-dollar sales of Frontline Plus and Advantix and on and on.

Dr.Richard Pitcairn reported several years ago that fipronil, the active chemical in Frontline products, is now found in streams and not only kills fish and aquatic invertebrates, but also kills bees and upland game birds.

When are we going to ignore the convenience of toxic pesticides and be stewards of not only our pets, but also of our Earth?? Have we gotten so complacent that we are willing to poison our companions and our planet?? Whatever happened to a good old flea baths, to natural powders, to non-toxic sprays? They are still available in many stores. Let's save our pets from these horrendous neurotoxins!

Dr. Preston practices holistic veterinary medicine in western Washington State. The results are incredibly rewarding. In dealing with animals all over the country, she specializes in restoring these wonderful animals to optimal health while renewing their vitality and extending their life.

by Dr. Jenifer Preston - Dec. 2009

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