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Beware of "Healthy Foods" for Pets

Be sure to check all foods, treats and snacks that you buy for your canine and feline companions. There are still many, many dog and cat food recalls going on.

“Healthy Foods”

Be sure to check all foods, treats and snacks that you buy for your canine and feline companions. There are still many, many dog and cat food recalls going on. To check the latest recalls, go to this link:

http://www.avma.org/petfoodsafety/recalls/default.asp .

It is updated constantly. Look at the typical headings:

Pet Carousel Recalls Beef Hoof Products and Pigs Ears Because of Salmonella Risk (Jan. 2010)

Nature's Variety voluntarily recalls Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet for dogs and cats due to Salmonella (March 2010).

Breadfarm, Inc. Recalls Sirius Dog Treats Purchased Between January 2007 and October of 2008 Because of Possible Health Risk (March 2009)

This goes on and on every month of the year. Biscuits, pig ears , rawhide, snacks-all are susceptible to all types of incredibly toxic bacteria, especially salmonella. The biggest thing to remember is to check the label-the small print-- on the back or hidden on the bottom. Where is the product MADE????? Many of these are STILL made in CHINA!!!!!

In 2007, many, many cats and dogs DIED from aflatoxin poisoning-a very toxic mold that developed from corn that was used in so many pet foods. Many of the companies were also importing melamine from China and adding that to their diets to raise the protein levels.

One of the top culprits in the 2007 recalls was Diamond foods. They are still on recall lists off and on. To find out how many and which brands Diamond makes, click on:


This is an excellent site to see which corporations make certain generic foods. For example, KIRKLAND brand dog food is made by Diamond. So is Nutro and Nutronuggets.

Dogswell brand name include Dogswell, Catswell, Happy Hips, Breathies, Vitality, Mellow Mut and Happy Heart. Many of these have been made in China.

One of the biggest killers out in the pet food world, including high end snacks-are the chicken breast and other types of JERKY!!! Most all of these are made in CHINA-look at the bag!!!! Most of these have a dangerous fungal coating. Especially beware in the big box stores-COSTCO, Walmart, Petsmart, etc. They sell huge bags of these at great discounts but with grim consequences to the pet.

Dr. Preston practices holistic veterinary medicine in western Washington State. The results are incredibly rewarding. In dealing with animals all over the country, she specializes in restoring these wonderful animals to optimal health while renewing their vitality and extending their life.

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