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  • West Nile Vaccine on Your Horses
    West Nile is a relatively new virus on the equine scene. Unfortunately it opened up a huge vacuum for big Pharma to swoop down and create- rather quickly - a vaccine. This vaccine did not go through the normal rigors of vaccine testing-your horses became the guinea pigs.
  • EPM in Horses
    I have successfully treated horses with EPM which can be a devastating disease. EPM in horses, primarily caused by infection with Sarcocystis neurona, is known in allopathic veterinary medicine to be a progressive disease of the central nervous system (CNS).

Horses are a unique pet and present their own challenges for maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise and grooming all play important roles in the proper development and growth of a horse but another factor in a healthy lifestyle is treating common diseases and viruses. Many pathogens have been identified and are now treatable but new germs are always popping up and one of the more troubling bugs invading the equine scene has been the West Nile Virus.

Because of the known dangers of West Nile pharmaceutical companies were quick to develop a vaccine but the testing process was neglected in order to get the vaccine to market and in so doing made horses the lab rats for the vaccine. Not surprisingly this short cut in testing has led to a number of recurring problems in horses that haven been treated with the vaccine. Side effects associated with the West Nile vaccine in horses include colic, diarrhea, sever swelling at the point of injection, unilateral and bilateral blindness and encephalitis. When animal vaccines are rushed through the channels in order to reap profits it’s often the pet that ends up suffering the consequences.

Horses are strong and sturdy animals but they are just as prone to germs, viruses and bacteria as other pets and even humans. Vaccinating a horse is not always the safest or even best recommendation for treating a virus or diseases and if you own or care for a horse it is in your best interest to learn about the potential dangers of vaccinations and what the alternative therapies and treatments are to care for a horse sickness.

We have Nascent Iodine!

Nascent Iodine

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Results of routine heart worm treatment

Dana Matthews DC
Greg Hollandsworth DC

"Max the boxer has had quite a life. He was born in Texas on July 25, 2006 and for the first 2 ½ years of his life, he lived with a family who had too much going on to take proper care of him. They had too many kids and other dogs and so Max, being an energetic boxer puppy and too much to handle, got chained to a tree in the backyard. Finally the family decided to give Max up for adoption so that another family could offer him the life he deserved. Unfortunately, by the time they had decided to do that, Max had already been bitten by a mosquito that carried heartworms and it subsequently infected him...."

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Case Histories
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