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  • New Emerging Tick Diseases
    Possibly as a result of long-term use of topical flea products and/or rapid mutation of parasites and the diseases they carry, super tick diseases seem to be emerging at an alarming rate. This may be one of the major under-diagnosed group of illnesses in veterinary and human medicine today.

Diseases are a fact of life. People, plants and pets are all susceptible to an infinite number of germs, pathogens, infections and viruses that attack the immune system and if left untreated can cause a severe and even life-threatening condition. While people tend to recognize symptoms of an illness quickly pets don’t have the ability to tell their owners that they are not feeling well. Pet owners need to be proactive when treating their pets and know when their furry friend is experiencing difficulty.

Nature is always evolving and the fleas and ticks that infected pets last year are not the same annoying critters that will be roaming fur and hides this year. Diseases also mutate and the bladder condition that hampered a dog ten years ago can be completely different than the infection that will attack canines today. Being aware of the variety of diseases that pets are at risk for and knowing how to recognize the symptoms of such diseases is essential to providing long-term quality healthcare for your dog, cat or horse.

Though pets can’t talk they can communicate. Pet owners who form a special bond with their furry friend swear they know when their little buddy is happy, sad, uncomfortable or anxious. Dogs, cats and horses all have ways of letting their owners know that something isn’t right. If you notice general lethargy in a pet, a lack of energy or appetite that is your first clue that an illness may be present. Just like people pets are going to have their “off days” but prolonged inactivity and listlessness can be the indication that a virus or bug has infected your pet. Other signs of a possible infection may include warm noses, liquid discharges from ears and mouths, irregular bowel movements and discolored stools and vomiting. Your pet can try to hide a gimpy paw or itchy ear to avoid the dreaded visit to the doggy doctor but when a serious disease has entered the system symptoms will begin to appear.

Pet owners have the responsibility to monitor the health of their dog, cat or horse by being vigilant in their routine checks. Running a hand through the animal’s coat, feeling along the stomach for unusual bumps and rashes and inspecting the inside of a pet’s mouth and ears are all good ways to inspect a pet for any irregularities that can be a sign of a more serious illness or virus.

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 Case Histories


Results of routine heart worm treatment

Dana Matthews DC
Greg Hollandsworth DC

"Max the boxer has had quite a life. He was born in Texas on July 25, 2006 and for the first 2 ½ years of his life, he lived with a family who had too much going on to take proper care of him. They had too many kids and other dogs and so Max, being an energetic boxer puppy and too much to handle, got chained to a tree in the backyard. Finally the family decided to give Max up for adoption so that another family could offer him the life he deserved. Unfortunately, by the time they had decided to do that, Max had already been bitten by a mosquito that carried heartworms and it subsequently infected him...."

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Case Histories
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