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Vaccinosis in Cats or Dogs

Vaccinosis is a set of symptoms that are caused by continued use of vaccines!! These symptoms mimic the original disease in parts. Let's take a look at signs or rabies vaccinosis:

Acute Form of Rabies   

Chronic/New Acute 

Restlessness, uneasiness, apprehensiveness and a developing viciousness. This is most apt to be manifested toward strangers. 

Restless nature; suspicious of others, unfriendly to other dogs, vicious to other animals, desire to kill. 

Aggression and mistrust of strangers, especially people in uniforms. 

Dogs normally affectionate may hide away and shun company. 

Change of behavior to aloofness; from affectionate to unaffectionate. 

Dogs normally independent may become unusually attentive and affectionate. 

Clingy behavior, fear to be left alone. Follows owner from room to room. Wants physical contact.  

Desire to travel away from home for long distances. 

Tendency to escape confinement and to roam.  

If restrained, it will chew viciously on metal chains or anything that is used to restrain or confine it.  

Attempt at restraint results in hysterical, violent behavior. Resistance can be so extreme as to cause self-injury.  

The dog may inflict severe bite wounds on itself. 

Self-mutilation; tail-chewing, chewing off toes or a foot (seen in severe allergic or nervous diseases). 

Strange cries and hoarse howls (partial paralysis of the vocal cords). 

Changed voice; hoarseness. 

Excessive tendency to bark or be vocal. 

No interest in food.  

Chronic poor appetite; very particular about food; finicky. 

Unable to swallow because of paralysis of muscles of deglutition. Hanging down of the lower jaw. 

Paralysis (or partial paralysis) of mouth, tongue or throat; sloppy eaters or drinkers; tendency to drool or lose saliva. 

Eyes staring with dilation of the pupils.  

Loss of sight, cataract formation, visual defects. 

Unable to close the eyes; cornea becomes dry and dull. 

Keratitis sicca, "dry eye". 

Swallows pieces of wood, stones, its own fecal material and other foreign bodies. 

Habit of eating wood, stones, sticks, earth. 

Excessive desire to eat stool (their own or other animals). 

Destruction of blankets, towels, clothing.  

Destructive behavior and shredding of blankets or bedding. 

Convulsive seizures. 

Muscular incoordination. 

Seizures, epilepsy, chorea, twitches, etc. 


Agonizing pain and constriction in the throat; spasms of the throat. 

Psychomotor seizure syndrome. 

Increased sexual desire; satyriasis, nymphomania; attempted rape. 

Increased sexual desire, even in neutered males; humping; sexual aggression. 

Inflammation of the heart muscle; disturbed heart function, irregular rhythm, heart rate too slow or too fast; heart failure. 

Irregular pulse; heart failure. 

Periods of excitement and jerky breathing; cluster breathing. 

"Reverse" sneezing attacks. 

2 Ibid, pp. 771-772. 3 Colin Kaplan, ed.. 1977. Rabies — The Facts. Oxford: Oxford University P 


Thus you can see by looking at these lists, that many dogs and cats with chronic diseases indeed have 'vaccinosis'. As Dr. Richard Pitcairn has taught: “These symptoms of rabies vaccinosis are not familiar to us because, until vaccines were widely employed, we never saw rabies in a chronic form in our patients. Even now, these effects of rabies’ vaccination are generally unrecognized even though follow-up of changes in dog temperaments and physical condition after rabies’ vaccination will readily confirm this."


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