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EPM in Horses - A Succesful Treatment

Equine EPM - Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

I have successfully treated horses with EPM which can be a devastating disease. EPM in horses, Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM), primarily caused by infection with Sarcocystis neurona, is known in allopathic veterinary medicine to be a progressive disease of the central nervous system (CNS). We refuse to accept that prognosis. I have found a very good therapy regime for this disease.

Initial symptoms are usually incoordination noticed when riding or just walking in the barn yard or pasture. I have noticed a typical 'cross-over' in the front limbs. There is also an obvious lethargy and I am sure these guys are experiencing a head ache. The symptoms seem to be more severe on hot days.
Even as symptoms begin to clear completely, a really hot spell can cause a relapse.

Vague, intermittent lameness may also be present. Keep in mind this is also a classic symptom that I have seen with Equine Herpes Disease-the neurological form. Patients can also show head tilt, some facial nerve paralysis, twitching of face muscles, depression, and even seizures.

Here is the life cycle of this nasty parasite as described by the US Department of Agriculture.

It has the most unusual life cycle for any species of Sarcocystis as unlike other species of Sarcocystis, S. neurona has wide host range for its intermediate hosts. Opossums (Didelphis virginiana, D. albiventris) are its definitive (reservoir) hosts and excrete oocysts and sporocysts (environmentally resistant stage)in their feces. Raccoons, armadillos, sea otters, skunks, cats and possibly other mammals are intermediate hosts. These animals ingest the sporocysts , which after many asexual cycles, lead to the development of sarcocysts (resting stage) in their muscles. Infection of the final host is by the ingestion of the sarcocysts from the muscles of the intermediate hosts. The bradyzoites are released in the intestines of the definitive host. They undergo a sexual cycle and this ultimately result in the production of sporulated oocysts, which are excreted in the feces of the opossum. Horses are considered its aberrant hosts because only schizonts and merozoites (no sarcocysts) have been identified , confined to the brain and spinal cord. (USDA)

After positive diagnosis through blood work, I usually test the horses with radionics to see which therapies will fit the bill. My most successful batches of supplements usually include HVE Equine Immune Support, HVE Chinese EPM Therapy, and always the HVE EPM nosodes-at least 200c or 1M frequency. If the owners wish, I recommend testing the rest of the horses on the property so that we are aware of other ill animals, even if the symptoms are not showing yet. I also insist all incriminating hay left in the barn is cleared out and put in a safe place away from any horses.

Because of the means of transmission, I recommend that you take a good look at the set up where you buy your hay. Is it a good old barn that probably is home to possums?? Has it been in storage a long time?? Try to buy fresh hay and make sure your own barn is possum free!! It only takes one possum to contaminate a whole farm of horses.

by Dr. Jenifer Preston - October 4, 2010

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